Tea tree oil is a natural product that has many different uses. This is why alkmene® can offer a wide variety of products that utilise the powers of tea tree oil. For a beautiful appearance from head to toe.

Tea tree oil

The pure concentrate is an all-rounder made of 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade essential oil. The oil is the basis of all alkmene® Tea Tree Oil products.

Facial care

alkmene® Tea Tree Facial Care works effectively against skin impurities and irritation. From deep cleansing to intensive care with a face mask, this range of attuned products covers your entire skin care routine.

Body care

The alkmene® body care products with Australian tea tree oil gently cleanse the skin and provide a lasting effect against body odour.

Oral hygiene

The alkmene® Tea Tree Oil oral hygiene products protect against cavities and tartar. They inhibit the growth of plaque bacteria, relieve inflammation in the entire oral cavity and combat bad breath.